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You might be thinking that what gets you moving is the engine of your vehicle, but forgetting that your engine won’t be of any use without the battery. Together with the engine and the alternator, starter and spark plugs, one of the most vital components for your vehicle to run is the battery. A car battery supplies massive amounts of electrical current for the starter, engine and other electrical equipment in the vehicle.

It’s just like when the engine is the heart of a car; the battery will be the blood. If then a heart can’t pump without blood, an engine can’t run without a battery. So when your vehicle engine seems to take a while to start and has dim lights when turned off, then you might be working with a dying battery and should be replaced. But note that the battery isn’t only the suspect when your car refuses to start. The alternator, starter and spark plugs can also be trouble spots.

Our trained mechanics at Ed Morse Cadillac Delray Service will evaluate any starting and electrical problems you might be experiencing and repair or replace the parts causing these issues. There are a few things to look out for when determining the need to replace your car battery or not. Is your car battery over five years old? If you answer ‘yes’ to this, then you should bring your vehicle into Our Ed Morse Cadillac Delray Service department to have it tested. Our car battery service technicians will perform a test that will tell you how strong the battery is and also help you decide whether or not your car battery is due for a change.

Some might decide to perform these operations with all of the needed tools and equipment by themselves. Or else, why not save time and money by visiting Ed Morse Cadillac Delray Service, have all needed check-ups and repairs done by a professionally trained and experienced technician without the hassle on your part.

Our highly trained technicians have the latest equipment and technology in our Cadillac Delray auto repair service center to meet all of your car battery service, check-up, and replacement. So make your service appointment today and visit us for all your vehicle repair services. We service all makes and models.