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GM Genuine Parts Benefits


OEM vs Aftermarket parts

Genuine vehicle parts also commonly known as OEM-original equipment manufacturer; this genuine parts are made by the same manufacturer as your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are made by many different private companies, they are created to look like the originals but sometimes they do not look, fit, or perform the same as a genuine part. If a part does not fit, it can cause damage or performance problems in your vehicle. With a genuine part there is no chance of that issue happening.

GM Genuine parts benefits include higher quality and compatibility, the GM genuine parts are made designed to fit and perform to the manufacturer specifications. Aftermarket parts can be made from all different types of quality bits and pieces and you never really can be certain of the quality of the part you are purchasing. When you purchase a genuine part you can trust that the quality is equal to the part being replaced. Other genuine car benefits include a warranty, OEM parts usually come with a warranty versus aftermarket or rebuilt parts which do not. Another genuine part benefit is the fact that they will look and feel the same as the current part in your vehicle so if you are the one searching you know what you are looking for. Aftermarket parts can look, feel and perform differently and since there are many companies with these parts of the market, the selection is never ending, can be overwhelming and can leave you confused or frustrated.

Vehicle repairs and the parts being used for them should be of high quality to ensure the best performance for your vehicle.

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